Our collection of Deluxe enamels takes a new leap. The six new colors arrive to fall in love and you can enjoy the spring with new shades to give light and joy to your life, filling it with colors.

Our premium collection of Deluxe nail polishes has more than 80 colors from which to choose the ones you like the most to perform a thousand of manicures in your salon. With an extraordinary shine, fast drying and very covering.

The essentials for your clients this spring are:

• Ivory: A very covering satin off-white enamel. Perfect for neutral manicures or as a base for the most daring nail arts.
• Blossom: a sweet and romantic pale pink. A basic that combines with everything and
• Tangerine: A beautiful coral tone, warm and cheerful. A dark orange with strength and intensity.
• Pumpkin: The perfect combination of nail polish in its most intense orange tone and earth colors.
• Baby green: a soft, sweet and elegant green. Soft colors are a must have for your manicure this season.
• Lila glace: A pastel lavender shade, distinguished and dreamy. Perfect for a minimalist and delicate manicure

Deluxe Wish, 6 new nail polishes that will be the object of desire this spring.

Do not miss out!

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